Question from Hannah Thuijs:

Translation pumps

Can anyone help me with the translation of the following terms from Dutch into English?

leidapparaat en kort gekoppelde aqparaten.

The translation is about pumps.

Thanks in advance!

Astrid Homan replied on 11-Aug-11: Thanked once

leidapparaat could also be 'guide unit'. I dunked leiding equipment, because of course leiding is not an English word...

Arthur Kooyman replied on 10-Aug-11: Buried 2 times

leiding equipment and short linked equipment

Lawrence Koch replied on 10-Aug-11:

Leidapparaat could be 'guide vane', kortgekoppelde apparaten 'close-coupled' devices or units.

Is this about water pumps/plumbing?

Fredrik Åsenius replied on 16-Dec-11:

gekoppelde - 'connected' or 'attached'

Stéphane Badol replied on 13-Jan-15:

Yes. In fact, a mini-cooper.

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