Question from Helen de Baar:

Hello, I doubt about the following sentence: internal speaking in principle 3 years contract. J'ai traduit "contrat interne sur, en principe 3 ans. What do you think? Thank you.

Fredrik Åsenius replied on 16-Dec-11: Thanked once

A comma too much maybe. If it is meant to be an official contract I wonder what the word "speaking" is doing there. It could also be understood as: "Internally we are discussing a contract /consisting/ of about three years." To be sure what they mean you have to ask them

VIELLES Ophélie replied on 25-Jan-12: Thanked once

je dirais "contrat interne sur une période, en principe, de trois ans"

Raul Ciceu replied on 05-Aug-13:

The original syntax might be 'internal / speaking in principle/ 3 years contract'. If so, than the French translation could be 'stagiaire, parlant en principe, contrat de trois ans'...

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