Question from Natia Bakhtadze:

I would like to know the best translation of this phrase from Dominican Spanish into American English.

It's a translation of a phone conversation between two Dominican People living in The US.

Here is the full sentence:

Spanish speaking 1: Tu lo que querías era un hombre que te preñara para tener la gallina de los huevos de oro. Esto es lo que quieres con ?Miguel? nada más estar llenando income tax.

Natia Bakhtadze replied on 01-Dec-18:

The term is:"La gallina de los huevos de oro"

Alicia Carolina Peralta Casas replied on 07-Jan-19:

Natia: "Gallina de los huevos de oro" refers to the idea of a hen that lays golden eggs, meaning a source of wealth. This comes from the story "The goose that laid the golden eggs" - only that the Spanish version has a hen instead of a goose. The words imply that the woman got pregnant to get a constant flow of money from the father... so I guess I would translate it as "to get a golden egg-laying goose/hen" since we share similar stories in both languages. I hope it helps! =)

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