Question from Natia Bakhtadze:

Ven para ponerte las cosas

I would like to know the best translation of this phrase from Dominican Spanish into American English.

It's a translation of a phone conversation between two Dominican People living in The US. One of them is a child.

Here is the full sentence: Ven para ponerte las cosas, the train, ven ven. Vamos a comer papi..

Alicia Carolina Peralta Casas replied on 07-Jan-19:

Natia: It is not clear what (the mother/or whoever is speaking to the child) whats to put on the child (it could be clothing/shoes/hair stuff, etc.) or could also mean to put things into a bag/suitcase, so you could say something like: "Come here to get you ready" (which would imply putting on/into whatever the person intends)

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