Question from Natia Bakhtadze:

con la manita.

I would like to know the best translation of this phrase from Dominican Spanish into American English.

It's a translation of a phone conversation between two Dominican People living in The US. One of them is a child.

Here is the full sentence:

Sounds of Spanish television channel in the background] sube arriba con la manita, ven.

Oh Oh. Oh {Illegible} [The child is making sounds]

Alicia Carolina Peralta Casas replied on 07-Jan-19:

From the context, it's a bit hard to decide... Disregarding the tv sounds, it could be that the person is asking the child to go upstairs or climb up a sofa, and tells him/her to use his/her hands ("manitas" mean "little hands", specially used for children in certain regions). The meaning could be "give your hand to help you climb up(stairs)".

Facundo Senen Gonzalez replied on 31-May-19:

I think probably the word is "mamita" instead of "manita". Mamita meaning "mother", the first speaker is telling the child to go upstairs or climb up a sofa, as Alicia says, to meet her/his mother.

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