Question from Natia Bakhtadze:

con la manita.

I would like to know the best translation of this phrase from Dominican Spanish into American English.

It's a translation of a phone conversation between two Dominican People living in The US. One of them is a child.

Here is the full sentence:

Sounds of Spanish television channel in the background] sube arriba con la manita, ven.

Oh Oh. Oh {Illegible} [The child is making sounds]

Alicia Carolina Peralta Casas replied on 07-Jan-19:

From the context, it's a bit hard to decide... Disregarding the tv sounds, it could be that the person is asking the child to go upstairs or climb up a sofa, and tells him/her to use his/her hands ("manitas" mean "little hands", specially used for children in certain regions). The meaning could be "give your hand to help you climb up(stairs)".

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