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The Parties shall take all the required steps to settle the disputes and differences that arise between them in connection with this Agreement by means of negotiations. Any conflicts, differences or claims that the Parties cannot solve by means of negotiations and that arise out of or in connection with this Agreement, as well as termination hereof as a result of violations, shall be referred for consideration to the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the [COUNTRY] Chamber of Commerce and Industry in [COUNTRY] according to its Regulation.

Material law of [COUNTRY] shall apply.

Las Partes adoptarán todas las medidas necesarias para solucionar mediante negociaciones las controversias y las diferencias que surjan entre ellos en relación con el presente Contrato. Cualquier tipo de conflicto, diferencias o reclamaciones que las Partes no puedan resolver por medio de negociaciones y que surjan de o en relación a este Contrato, así como la extinción del presente como result

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