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I taught English on line and face to face for severl years. At present I am an academic writer/researcher and a freelance translator. I also teach online courses concerning Italian for foreigners' 'Linguistics' 'Alzheimer and Communication' by using Ivocalize software: the student enters the virtual classroom and will be ready to converse directly with the teacher by using headphones and a microphone having also the choice to record the lesson. When the hour is over he can see and hear again the whole lesson. I write topics about linguistics, languages, literature, (morphology, semantics, semiotics of Communication, patology of language and brain, communication and cancer, syntax, textual analysis poems or narrative ,dementia for instance Alzheimer and Communication etc). I wrote for a University in Nigeria the following paper: Discourse analysis and Conversation: A new theory of Communication in Alzheimer’s patients on the perspective of the Pragmatic and Conversational poi

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