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I'm a professional Russian-Georgian-English-Spanish translator and Interpreter with 20 years of experience in Georgia,United States, Canada, United Kingdom , Ireland,The Netherlands, Greece, Belarus, Taiwan and Germany. I have a master degree in English and Russian from Kutaisi State University that I obtained in 1989 and a PHD in English from Tbilisi Javakhishvili State University that I obtained in 2003

I have worked as an interpreter since 1989 in conferences, universities, schools, Penitentiary institutions, hospitals ,churches, police stations in Georgia, London and Newport, Wales for English officials such as Governors and Mayors.

I was also interpreter of the trade economical representative of Georgia to the Benelux countries in places such as the local newspaper companies, Broadcasting companies, Flowers Actions, Plants and factories in the Netherlands.

I was also interpreter of one of the mayors of the Netherlands in 1994. My Interpreter work was done mostly in Georgi

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